Cleaning instructions

With new technical concepts, continuous innovation in materials and styles, Duvillard offers all demanding sports a range of clothing designed for extreme conditions.

Each Duvillard product has cleaning instructions. We invite you to read it carefully before any cleaning operation. Our fabrics and accessories are under the REACH norms.

• Clean the product alone and reversed, to avoid deterioring the external materials (zips, badges, fabrics…)

• Clean the product at 30 degrees in a classic washing machine. Higher temperature may cause fading.

• Use a classic detergent without softener. Avoid softener with breathing fabrics : it alters the membrane quality and the waterproofness of the fabric. If the product is very dirty, use a stain remover before cleaning it.

• Never use bleach, it discolors the fabrics.

• Do not iron the products. Ironing can transfer color to another thanks to the high temperature steam.

• Do not use a dryer. Dryer can shrink the product if the temperature is too high, and can blister fabric. Dry your jackets on a flat surface (black aureoles can appear if the product is on a hanger)

• Do not use dry cleaning.. We can't guarantee you that it will not discolor the fabrics, because of the chemical products used by the pressing, even if they are bio.

• All the zips must be closed before washing your product (zips, velcros, bottons …)

It's possible to re-waterproofing the Duvillard products thanks to products that can be used directly in the machine, which guarantee you better results.